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Friday, June 16, 2017

Prunepicker Chuck Monson and his friend Richard Maxwell were on the front page of the Ruston newspaper last night!

The lead article covered the really big news about the availability of peach ice cream during the annual peach festival next week. Thank goodness! what would the peach festival be without a dish of peach ice cream?

Below the fold was an article (with pictures)  about the flag retirement program held on Flag Day. Flag Day was Wednesday June 14. See my blog post of that day (the post just before this post) for more pictures

On the left of the bottom picture you might make out two old geezers in VFW caps. It is a wonder that the geezers (Richard Maxwell and Chuck Monson) were not cut out of the picture. I guess it was thought that they gave a certain charm to the photo.


  1. I thought it gave the paper some class!

  2. Great Blog. Especially since I am in it.


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