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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Shoji Tabuchi. Memories and Now.

My wife Jackie and I started RVing in 1985. In the first couple of years we spent a week at Branson. We loved it. After that, every trip East involved a week at Branson. We stayed there for a week 8 or 9 times. We RV'd for 22 years. Since Jackie passed away in 2007 I do not RV.

On our first visit to Branson Shoji was an opening act for a lady singer at a small theatre on the Branson Strip. He blew us away. He played the fiddle behind his back. Then he stood on his head and played the fiddle. I bought a CD and have been a Shoji fan ever since. That is almost 30 years now. We enjoyed his new theatre. Fanciest bathrooms in Branson!

Yesterday Shoji and his show was playing a benefit in Oak Grove.

A pretty day.

Shoji is getting to be a real good fiddle player!

Shoji's daughter sings, dances, plays the drum, and does stage hand work. (Also cares for a two year old girl.) 

The grand daughter was a hit!

A touch of the Christmas Show.

The Shoji Show ends on a strong patriotic note.

What a good looking group. Except for the old prunepicker on the left.

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