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Thursday, April 28, 2016

No more kittens born in my closet!

Patches my cat (Patches is the stray car who came to me out of the woods a year or so ago) has had three litters.

Litter 1 was two kittens. Some predator got one. The other kitty John and I delivered to a lady in the woods north of us.

Litter 2 was three kittens. Some one answered a Facebook add and picked up one. The other two now live at Skip and Carolyn Russell's home. They live under the porch of an out building, Six other cats also live there. I go by every so often and visit them. I feed treats to all eight. When I park and get food out of my trunk one of the two Patches's kittens runs and jumps in my trunk. It is a fun trip to visit the Russell kittens, as there are several dogs, many small horses, and pretty goats to visit and pet.

Litter 3 (two kittens) were born in my closet. By this time Patches was fairly tame and was almost living with me. Having kittens in my closet made her really move in. She became even more affectionate.

I even named the two kittens in litter 3. Red and Orange. We really made up to each other. They would visit me when I went to bed and when I got up. They loved to have me rub their bellies. I would flip them over and rub their bellies with my bare feet. Recently they would paw my feet and lay over on their backs, waiting for a rub.

Yesterday was a traumatic day for me. John and I put Red and Orange in a cage and delivered them to a lady for her home in the country. It looks like the kittens have found a good home with lots of smiles!

I came home from the kitten delivery feeling terrible. I could not believe that Red and Orange were gone. Patches left for the night. I thought, Patches is probably gone for good. Back to the woods.

Good news! Patches came back this morning and spent an hour with me. Getting petted and rubbing up on me. In two weeks Patches and I are going to visit a Vet. The Vet is to fix Patches. No more kittens born in my closet. I do not believe that I am up to another kitten delivery. It is too hard on my heart.

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