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Monday, November 7, 2016

Main to Main.

Main to Main Trade Days is held the first weekend in November every year. There are fifty miles of yard sales along the highway between Minden and Springhill. The route of sales winds through Sibley, Minden, Dixie Inn, Cotton Valley, Sarepto, and Cullen.

A group covered the route last Friday. They were led by Jewette Farley. Crew members were Rosa Blakley, Rhonda Ray, and Chuck Monson. I (the old prunepicker) was the official photographer.

We left Ruston at 6:30 am. After doughnuts and coffee we hit the first yard sale in Dixie Inn at 8 am. Nine hours later we made our last stop in Springhill. We were back in Ruston at 6:30 pm.

I took pictures at most stops. Jewette is an expert yard sales locator. I estimate we made about fifty yard sales. I tried to get Rosa, Rhonda and Jewette in the pictures, but sometimes only got one or two of them. The picture below is of our first stop in Dixie Inn. Rosa in black, Rhonda in pink, and Jewette in white.

The only teepee we saw.

Rosa and Rhonda were nice to pose for me. Thank you, Ladies!

They only pigs for sale on the whole route.

The hen and chicks were not for sale.

Jewette grows pecans at home but could not pass up the good price. Notice the Superman TV set.

The group enjoyed their day, had delicious tamales in Sarepto. 

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