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Monday, January 7, 2019


Texas Eagle is the name of the Amtrak train that comes South from Chicago and makes a loop through Texas on the way to Los Angeles.

On the evening of March 20 (72 days from today, but who is counting?) I will be on the Texas Eagle leaving Marshall, Texas. I will arrive in Pomona, California two days later on Friday at 4 AM. This is the last stop before Los Angeles. It is a handy spot for pick up and the start of  a two week visit to California.

I am somewhat familiar with Pomona. I was born there in 1925 at 1129 East Kingsley Avenue. The house was in a commercial orange grove. I lived in Pomona for 17 years. Then into the Army. Never lived in Pomona again. But the memories of those 17 years stay with me. I am a member of a FaceBook group named "Growing up in Pomona wasn't bad at all".  I have many many happy memories of Pomona.

Here is a photo I took of the Marshall Amtrak train depot. The photo was taken from across the tracks at the parking lot. (Free parking for the 18 days of my trip!) I have to take an elevator down to a tunnel and then walk under the tracks to the depot.

Another pic of the Marshall Depot.

Picture of the Texas Eagle route. Marshall, Texas is where the route turns West shortly after entering Texas. About a two hour drive from Ruston. Jackie and I have pilled our fifth wheel trailer many times over the route. I am looking forward to seeing it from the train. Memories.


  1. I've ridden the Texas San Antonio-Alpine portion and was delighted to cross the Pecos River under a full moon on a tall trestle bridge. Hope you enjoy it all...there will be many things you can see from the window without having to worry about driving. Sounds great!

  2. That track route stops shortly in Alpine, TX, about 60 miles north of my tin shack cabin near Terlingua. Amazing desert mountain scenery.
    Looks like a great trip coming up.

  3. I have been to Alpine by car. I am looking forward to the trip!


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