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Monday, February 20, 2017

LC George, a most unforgettable character.

Lincoln Parish, Louisiana lost a sweet soul. LC George passed away suddenly yesterday. He could fix anything and do it with a smile. It has been said that he supported himself for forty years with a screwdriver and a can of Freon. Here are some pictures of him from past Prunepicker Blogs.

These are from five years ago at the retirement party for LC's wife, Earnestine.

LC and Ernestine.

LC the photographer.

Theses are more recent photos, taken on a trip to Swartz to visit Rosa Blakley and Rhonda Ray.

Lizard and LC.

Rosa and LC.

Roger, Rhonda, Prunepicker, and LC.

LC will be missed. A fine Southern Country Gentleman. I want to express my sympathy to Ernestine and family.


  1. What a lovely tribute. His brother attends my church in wm.

  2. I am Lc's oldest grandchild. On behalf of our family, thank you for this sweet tribute. He is greatly missed!

  3. The above comments on my blog post about LC warm my heart. Thank you so much.


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