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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Does Eat Place. My third trip to Greenville, MS for the best steak in America. 1/26/2016.

I have had the same driver all three trips. Skip Russell. It is a three hour drive each way. It is a trip into the area where the Blues were Born.  (The Mississippi Delta) It is a pleasant six hour ride with great Southern conversation. As the title of this blog states, Does serves the best steak in America,

These three gentlemen were my fellow visitors to Does last night.

Designated driver Skip Russell. When he is not driving my friends and I to Does, Skip is a small horse breeder and dealer, insurance man, landlord (Skip says Slumlord), and laundromat tycoon.

Jewette Farley. Jewette was Parish Assessor for 24 years. He is now a buyer and seller of everything and an eminent lecturer on assessing subjects. (He conducts four day classes on some dozen subjects) He is one of the best fishermen in the area.

Richard Maxwell is one of the natives of Arkansas that I have the pleasure of knowing. He was a demo specialist in the Army, an independent contractor for obtaining explosives for the Army, and had a business that did property title research.

What a pleasant group! I enjoyed the ride. Here is a picture of the new bridge over the Mississippi. It is much appreciated. The old bridge was a rickety narrow two lanes.

Arrival picture.

Just inside the door the steaks are cooking. Notice the fire is above the steaks. Is that the secret?

I love the salad. The dressing if oil, vinegar, and garlic.

Skip's two pound rib eye. He took half home.

My ten ounce filet. I took a third home.

Part of the atmosphere of Doe's is that an armed guard is posted at the front door. Does is in a tough neighborhood. I did not see him when we went in. He was there when we came out. I took picture below as we were driving away.

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