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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Robert Rinehart, American Hero and Good Friend just passed away.

This is a candid shot of Robert that I took at a World War II Veteran Reunion at Barksdale Air Base last February.

This is a recent picture of Robert taken at a Senior Center Luncheon in Ruston. Robert and I sat at the same table for many years.

Robert was a Marine in the Pacific. He fought in several battles and was wounded more than once. I was in the Army. Robert and I were in the Palau Island Battle and the Battle for Okinawa at the same time. There is a hill on Peleliu Island in the Palaus that was named Bloody Nose Ridge. The Battle for the Ridge was hotly contested. Robert and I were both wounded on Bloody Nose Ridge. I found it interesting that we were wounded on the same Pacific island hill and 70 years later ate lunch together on a regular basis at the same table in Louisiana.

I know what Robert went through as a Marine in the Pacific War. He also fought on Guadalcanal. He told me that while on duty he once made eye contact with Admiral Nimitz. I was impressed.

Robert Rinehart was truly an American Hero.

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  1. Yes, an American hero and a great man. I was truly honored to have him call me granddaughter. The luncheon picture made me smile. I had such great fun with you guys that day!


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